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Markal Paint Stiks & Holders

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Markal Paintstik Markers are real lead-free paint in stick form. From extreme cold environments (-50 F) to High-heat work applications (2200 F), Markal Paintstiks are suitable for any surface that is smooth or rough, clean or oily.

Solid Paint-Ambient Surface Markers : B - Marks any Material or Surface. B-E - For Marking Very Rough Surfaces. B-L - Bleeds Through Solvent-Based Paints. BL-W - Bleeds Through Water Based Paints. C - For Marking on Smooth Surfaces. E - For High-Visibility Marks. F - All Purpose Fluorescent Marker. Fast Dry -Dries in 5 Minutes. M - Marks Annealed, Normalized & Heat Treated Surfaces. N - Marks Will Not Show Through Top Coat. O-10 - Marks Heavily Oiled Surfaces. P - Removes in Pickling Bath. WS -Water Soluable.

Solid Paint-Hot Surface Markers: H, HT, HT-34, HT-40, HT-75, J, K, PK, and X-5

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Markal-80220 Markal B Paintstik Marker- White $1.20
Markal-80221 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Yellow $1.20
Markal-80222 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Red $1.20
Markal-80223 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Black $1.20
Markal-80224 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Orange $1.20
Markal-80225 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Blue $1.20
Markal-80226 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Green $1.20
Markal-80227 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Pink $1.20
Markal-80228 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Purple $1.20
Markal-80229 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Brown $1.20
Markal-80230 Markal B Paintstik Marker- Gray $1.20
Markal-80420 Markal B-3/8" Paintstik Marker- White $0.94
Markal-80421 Markal B-3/8" Paintstik Marker- Yellow $0.94
Markal-80620 Markal B-E Paintstik Marker- White $1.90
Markal-81820 Markal K Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $2.52
Markal-82420 Markal WS 3/8" Paintstik Marker- White $1.89
Markal-82520 Markal X-5 Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $1.12
Markal-82834 Markal F Paintstik Fluorescent Orange $2.05
Markal-82831 Markal F Paintstik Fluorescent Yellow $1.89
Markal-82832 Markal F Paintstik Fluorescent Red $1.89
Markal-82835 Markal F Paintstik Fluorescent Blue $1.89
Markal-82836 Markal F Paintstik Fluorescent Green $1.89
Markal-82842 Markal F Paintstik Fluorescent Pink $1.89
Markal-83420 Markal P Paintstik Marker- White $2.82
Markal-85000 #101 Markal Holder (Per Doz.!) $153.50
Markal-85100 #102 Markal Holder (Per Doz.!) $189.25
Markal-85200 #102K Markal Holder (Per Doz.!) $281.54
Markal-85300 #107 Markal Holder (Per Doz.!) $176.86
Markal-85400 #108 LC Markal Holder (Per Doz.!) $188.86
Markal-85401 #106 Markal Holder (Per Doz.!) $215.82
Markal-85489 #112 Markal Peterson Holder (Per Doz.!) $216.18
Markal-85490 #109 Markal Peterson Holder (Per Doz.!) $220.44
Markal-85500 #100 Markal Holder (Per Doz.!) $34.16
Markal-85700 #111 Markal Holder (Per Doz.!) $478.34
Markal-85601 Back Saver Holder $155.07
Markal-81020 Markal H Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $1.35
Markal-81210 Markal HT King Size Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $2.43
Markal-81220 Markal HT Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $1.46
Markal-81610 Markal HT-40 King Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $1.68
Markal-84710 Markal HT-34 King Size Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $2.52
Markal-84720 Markal HT-34 Standard Size Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $1.46
Markal-84820 Markal HT-75 Paintstik Marker for Hot Surface - White $1.66
  Results 1 - 42 of 42 1