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Item # USMR-20AF, Micro-Spray Marker With Adjustable Fluid Control

List Price $834.75

The Micro-Spray Marker is for color coding applications where round spot marks or stripes are required for product identification or acceptance-rejection indication marks. The USMR-20AF unit features an adjustable fluid control to regulate the volume of ink being applied per marking cycle. The adjustable model is recommended when more precise control over spot or stripe size is required and drying time is critical.

These low pressure spray marking units can produce up to 180 marks per minute, thus providing a high degree of marking flexibility at typical automation speeds with virtually no over spray. Spot or stripe size is adjustable from 1/4" minimum to a maximum of 1". These units may be mounted near automation and sensitive test equipment, placed in marking stations on the production line, or attached to robot arms or other machinery. The Micro-Spray markers are extremely compact, light weight systems which can be mounted in any attitude in locations where space is severely limited. Micro-Spray Marker Systems require 5-12 PSI atomizing air pressure and 70-80 PSI trigger air pressure to operate. Remote gravity feed or pressurized ink reservoirs can handle extremely fast drying dye or pigmented inks for both porous and non-porous marking applications. Note: For gravity fed applications place the Ink Reservoir 12-18" above Micro-Spray Marker as a minimum for adequate head pressure!

These markers excel when marking operations require extremely fast drying inks on non-porous surfaces. A stainless steel clean out needle seats in the nozzle orifice after every cycle to insure that the marker will continue to print even after prolonged idle periods.


USMR-20AF Series Micro-spray Markers Manual
(PDF, 922KB)

USMR-20AF Technical Bulleting
(PDF, 31KB)