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All Categories > Industrial Inks > Stamping Inks > Item # #6330 INVIS "Glo-Stamp"- 4oz/4 Pack  
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Item # #6330 INVIS "Glo-Stamp"- 4oz/4 Pack, Dye/Pig.Based- Water & Isopropyl Alcohal

List Price $95.24

"Invisible" inks cannot be seen with the naked eye but fluoresce when viewed under an ultraviolet ("black") light. This air dry, waterproof, water based, non-toxic ink is used on skin for identification and re-entry purposes or on plastic for security purposes. The imprint becomes brighter after contact with water for maximum effectiveness.

Dry time: Instant

Colors available:

Fluoresces Blue*, Green, Red, Yellow (Blue is totally invisible, colors may leave a visible stain.)

Custom Colors: Fluoresces Orange, Violet, Pink



Water-based non-toxic ink used on skin for I.D. and re-admission purposes or on plastic for security purposes. Only the blue is totally invisible. Other colors may leave a visible stain.







#6330 Invilible M.S.D.S.
(DOCX, 52KB)

#6330 Invisible Product Specification Sheet
(DOCX, 32KB)