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Reciprocating Coders

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Universal HQCD Digital Box

Kortho Hot Quick Coder

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Whether you make 10,000 or 100,000 prints a day, the Kortho Hot Quick Coder offers a perfect solution for a variety of coding applications. The Kortho Hot Quick Coder is used on almost any material and surface. Up to three lines of text in a maximum printing area of 12 x 24 mm. The unique spring-loaded jumping head, with its "butterfly touch', even allows you to make a perfect print on moving products.
Universal HQC Ink Rolls

Kortho Hot Quick Coder Wax Rolls

Hot quick coder wax rolls are available in six pack in black, white, yellow, red, blue and green.
Universal HQCD Benchmount Accessories

Kortho Hot Quick Coder Accessories

Miscellaneous add-on equipment such as bench mount stands, foot pedal, micro-switch and photocell trigger kits.
Universal HQC Silicone Type

Hi-Temp Ribtype Rubber Type Dies for Kortho Hot Quick Coder