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Porous Coders

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HPL  Hand Printer

Porous Hand Printers

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These hand held coders are ideal for use in the shipping room or the warehouse where automatic coding is not possible. The HPL Hand Printers provide the large print area capacities of our standard Conveyor Line Printers for off-line printing applications. The HPL coders are available in 4 standard print widths, from 1-1/8" up to 4" all with 18” circumference print drums. HP coders are available in a standard 2” print width with either a 6.5” or 9.1” circumference print drum.
mc_p.jpg Universal Conveyor Line Printers

Porous Mini Coders

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MC-10 and MC-20 Series Mini-Coders are the smallest of our line of automatic roll coders. Designed for mounting directly on conveyor lines or packaging machinery, these coders are best suited for applying date codes or limited product information on cartons and other porous surface materials. The patented, disposable, 4oz Reservoir Ink Cartridges provide automatic re-inking of the ink rolls during production. Recommended for character sizes of 5/8" and smaller. Use with #1150 coder inks.
MS-120NI.jpg Universal Midsize Coders

Porous Midsize Coders

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Midsize Coders are extremely versatile in design. Available in both 12" & 15" circumference print drum models which are interchangeable in the field. The longer frame design and print drum cam indexing mechanism make these coders ideal for mounting on carton sealing machinery and conveyor packaging. Optional Reservoir Roll Cover assemblies facilitate the use of our Reservoir Ink Cartridges for automatic re-inking during production. Both sizes available in 1-1/8" & 2.0" print widths. Use with #1150 coder inks.
clp-p.jpg Universal Conveyor Line Printers

Porous Conveyor Line Printers

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Conveyor Line Printers are designed for high speed coding on larger cartons. The CLP's are the largest of our conveyor mounted coders and feature 18" circumference print drums. Available in 1-1/8", 2", 3" and 4" print widths. The extremely fast acting, dual compression spring print drum indexing mechanism is practically indestructible and provides accurate print registration on high speed conveyors. Use with #1150 coder inks.

RIBtype Sets

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In the RIBtype® system, ribs on the back of the type interlock with ribs on the marking device. This allows for fast changes of text for date coding and lot number changes. Graphics can also be incorporated in the type for product and brand identification.

Rubber type molded to a tongue-and-groove base interlocks to fit most rib base coders, Stamps and marking machines. Custom logo dies and individual sorts can also be produced to meet your specific requirements.

Each of our standard figure sets will now include 2 dashes (-) and 1-additional slash mark (/), for a total of 2 in each set. Value Pack figure sets will now have a total of 6 of each of these marks. These are especially useful for construction date codes in the format 05-01-08 and 05/01/08.
Universal #1150 Ink Family

Porous Coder Inks

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This is a premium quality stamp pad and coder ink for porous surfaces. Water soluble rubber stamp ink that stays wet in a self inker or stamp pad. Makes sharp, clear impressions which dry instantly through absorption. It can also be used for re-inking neoprene, microcell & foam roller coder cartridges.