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Ink Jet Printers

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Marsh Smart Jet Family Pic

MSSC Ink Jet Printers


Smart-Jet is the most reliable and the most compact inkjet printer for packaging printing on the market today.

Fully compatible with HP inkjet technology.

Built for future expansion via SD card.

The most compact size in the industry.

•Plug and print Hewlett Packard TIJ 2.5 inkjet technology

•300 dpi @ 75 m/min, 150 dpi @ 150 m/min and 100 dpi @ 230 m/minute!

•Wi-Fi connection via Android and iOS, smartphones and tablets.

•SD card slot for future firmware and font upgrades.

•Built-in photo sensor and Aux port for optional external photo sensor.

•Anti-shock mounting for printer protection


Smart-Jet ...