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Item # DYKEM-81427, Staining Fluid- WHITE Opaque - Brush-In-Cap 8 oz., 12/Cs

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Dykem Staining Colors provide quick identification on a variety of component parts. These stains adhere without flaking and scaling allowing them to repel oils. Dykem Staining Colors are easily applied by brushing, spraying, and dry quickly to the touch. Transparent, Opaque, Temporary, and Fluorescent stains are available. Note: Drying times depend on film thickness. Film thickness will vary with method of application.

Opaque Stains:
These stains have a slightly thicker coating than the transparent stains and take slightly longer to dry. They provide better hiding/opacity. One gallon of opaque staining color can cover up to 250 square feet.

Transparent Stains:
These stains have a slightly thinner coating than the opaque stains and dry slightly faster.
Will not interfere with moving parts when applied as a thin coat
Resistant in transmission oil up to 300 degrees F.
Use DYKEM Remover, Cleaner & Thinner to dilute stains for thinner coatings.

Springs, Steel Bars, Bearings, Bolts, Carburetor Parts, Electrical Assemblies, Nuts, Plastic Rings, Rivets, Rods, Coils, Spindles, Other Mechanical Components.