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Industrial Inks

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Stamping Inks


The Aero Brand/Iimak Inks product catalog can be found by clicking on the “Products" link shown above!

Iimak/Aero brand inks are RoHS Compliant and are fully SDS Compliant!

Imprints made with ALL IIMAK inks are compliant with FDA 21CFR Compliant as well as (FSIS)
of the USDA, when the imprint is on the OUTSIDE of the package or carton. 
Double Click on the Inks Item# to select and obtain its S.D.S. & ...

Epoxy Based Ink Qt

Epoxy Based & Solvent Resistant Inks

  • Applications requiring a high degree of Permanency
  • Superior adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, MEK, alcohol, TCE, flux removers, salt, acid, and alkali
  • Designed for rubber stamping and offset printing


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High Temperature Inks

  • Please note that there is a seperate minimum order requirement of $110.00!
  • High Temperature inks for non-porous surfaces
  • Waterproof with excellent adhesion
  • Withstand temperatures from 600 degrees up to 850 degrees F.

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Non-Porous Jet Spray Ink

  • Inks for spraying & color coding non–porous surfaces
  • Included are Hi-temp, water and/or detergent removable, UV and water resistant inks
Please Note: #100 Black, Red and Green inks are RoHS Compliant!
Please Note: JS series ink is sold only in 4 Gal/Ctn per Color! Shipped via truck line only
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High Purity-Low Chloride Inks & Paints

  • High purity inks for safely marking nuclear pipes and vessels.
  • Welding operations, automotive plants & aircraft industries can also benefit from them.
  • Will not contaminate or adversely affect the surfaces being marked.
Please note: Inks meet or exceed the requirements GE Specs for D50YP12 and D50TF8.
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General Purpose Paste Inks

  • Applied by direct or offset machine or by rubber stamp from a thin draw down.
  • This ink is very stable, medium drying, with excellent color development.
  • Paste inks can be applied to paper, plastic, glass and metal and are suitable for bottom coding.
  • Meets: A-A-208b Type IV, Formerly TT-I-1795a.

Ink Jet (D.O.D.) Inks

  • Non Porous Drop-on-Demand® inkjet inks.
  • Alcohol & MEK based for fast drying.
  • Inks & Solvents